What Is Mywawavisit Survey?

By | February 9, 2018

Mywawavisit is an online survey from Wawa convenient store. The survey is available online. Therefore, the customers can fill the survey up anywhere and anytime. The Wawa survey won’t give the customers difficult questions. So, they only give questionnaire which can be answered easily. This will let the Wawa customers share their experience with no burden. For example, if they want to complain, they can share it with this survey. This will enable them to share their unhappy thought about Wawa of they had a bad experience when they visit Wawa. When the company checks the questionnaire, they will know the things that they need to improve. So, Wawa store will give you more amazing service with your answers.

Mywawavisit Survey Requirement

Besides complaints, customers can share their compliments to mywawavisit too. You can share ANYTHING with this survey. If the complaint will make the company improve better, the compliment will encourage the company to keep their quality of products and services. Before you answer the questionnaire, you need to understand the survey requirement. When you understand them, your answer will be valid. Moreover, you can get a chance for a gift from Wawa. You can win a Wawa Gift Card with a value of $100 or $250. How amazing is that? What is the requirement?

The most important requirement to get the gift is the receipt. Whenever you purchase something at the store or the gas station of Wawa, you will get a receipt, right? You need to keep the receipt so you can participate in this survey. If you take a look closely at the receipt, there is a code. Use this code AND Wawa store number to enter the survey. After that, you can participate the survey. Since it is an online survey, make sure you have smartphone or PC to access the website. That’s how you join the mywawavisit survey.