What Are The Causes Of Infantigo?

By | February 3, 2018

What is infantigo? Have ever heard it before? Actually, it is kind of infection or skin problem which is also known as impetigo. The main causes of impetigo are Stereptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcis aureus. Typically, the impetigo occurs in young children and infants. There is also three type of impetigo which three of them have same causes. What makes them different is the symptoms and treatment. Moreover, there are also other causes of impetigo that must be avoided. What are they?

Direct Contact With Infected Person

Direct contact is the highest possibility of infantigo. When there are people who infected with impetigo around, make sure that you and your children did not get direct contact with them. The impetigo is not only spreading easily around the infected skin, but it will also spread easily to other people. The bacteria will spread easily through toys, clothes, bed linens, and also towels. So, make sure that you keep your children away when there is one of their friend infected by this problem.

The Skin Injuries

When your children get cut or bitten by insects, make sure that you treat the scar directly. Don’t let it open to prevent any bacteria live in their skin. The Staphylococcis aureus and Stereptococcus pyogenes easily come into the break or damaged skin. As mentioned before, this two kind or bacteria caused impetigo. So, don’t leave the damaged skin on your children.

Dermatitis And Rashes On Skin

People who have rash or eczema usually leads to impetigo. It happens since the open sores on the skin is the best gate for bacteria to live in the skin. You can apply some ointment when there is a rash on your children’s skin. For more ways to prevent and treat the impetigo by dermatitis, you can visit www.infantigo.net.