Ways To Reface Kitchen Cabinet

By | November 26, 2017

kitchen cabinet refacingAs one of the most notable point of our kitchen, cabinet becomes the one that we may like to change when we are planning to redesign our kitchen. When the price of entire cabinet is not inexpensive, having kitchen cabinet refacing is more than enough to make a new look in our kitchen. Nowadays, refacing or also known as resurfacing becomes a popular thing to do by homeowners because it does not cost us too much budget to create such better look in the kitchen.

What You Can Do To Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Now the question is what can we do to resurface or reface our kitchen cabinet? It must be good that you will have more than one option when you are planning to reface your kitchen cabinet. In this case, your choice will depend on how much budget that you have. First, you can install adhesive laminate for your kitchen cabinet refacing. For this one, you can just purchase it. However, it may be quite expensive since it is very easy and practical to use. If you want to have the one that is more impressionable, you can choose RTFs or rigid thermofoils as an alternative to laminate.

When it comes to RTFs, this option is more flexible when you want to resurface arches and also cathedral doors. However, the color choice for RTFs is not as many as the laminate. However, it is able to create more realistic appearance than laminate does. On the other hand, for most realistic resurfacing appearance, there are wood veneers which are actually using real wood. That’s why it becomes such ideal choice for realistic looking. You can simply install it with adhesive once you buy it later. Now that you have learned enough, you can do the kitchen cabinet refacing by yourself.

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