Things That Can Lower Body Resistance

By | January 28, 2018

Everyone wants lasting health. However, of course, it is an impossible thing because as good as any person must have felt pain. And there are many factors that can make you sick easily.

Factors That Decrease Body Resistance

  1. Lack of sleep

The body will be hard to refresh the system work because only at the time of sleep is it can be done

  1. Eat less nutritious foods

Nutritious foods contain substances that help the body to boost the immune system against disease. Therefore, when the body lacks these nutrients then it will lower the immune system

  1. Stress

Prolonged stress is also a factor that can lower the immune system. Therefore, try to refresh yourself every day either by relaxing for a moment and going to a quiet place and out of the crowd. This can help prevent stress.

  1. Less consumption of fruits

Fruit is a nutritious food. Fruit contains many vitamins needed by the body and is able to help the body to boost the immune system. Therefore, when a person rarely consumes fruits then it can lower the immune system so that the body susceptible to disease.

  1. Many staying up late

Sometimes many people stay up for some reason. However, it can be a disease if we make up the night is a routine that we almost do every day. 6-8 hours per day is the ideal time for every adult to sleep. when his sleep time is less than that then he will damage his immune system. his body will weaken. In addition, the quality of sleep should also be our attention. turn off the lights while sleeping, using a soft pillow and soft mattress will keep our sleep quality. therefore, a good night’s sleep will help keep our body fresh throughout the day. Hope it help!