Purple Flowers: About Bellflower Campanula Flowers

By | November 23, 2017

purple flowersCreating a beautiful garden must be something important for many people who like to have a natural view surrounding their house. If you also want to create a garden, don’t forget to plant Bellflower Campanula in your garden. Why? It is because the beauty of this purple flowers can help your garden be more attractive to be enjoyed every day. Actually, with over 500 species of Bellflower Campanula here, you can choose the best species to be planted in your garden.

Bellflower Campanula For Beautiful Purple Flowers Garden

Moreover, before you plant this purple flowers in your garden, of course, knowing more about the flowers is the very important thing to be done. As it is known that it has many varieties of the flowers and for the smallest one is under 1.9 inches while for the largest own can grow up to 7 feet. The color also actually is not only purple but there are other colors like white, pink and blue. However, if you want a royalty symbol indeed the lavender or purple is a good choice for the garden. When they will bloom is about in the middle of the year that is July until early winter.

After that how to take care of this flower? Of course, you need to know zone of your garden and also the variety of the flower. In this case, the plants can grow best in the 4th zone and in zone 3 when it gets good protection. Known as cold hardly the flowers actually become so popular in areas having hard winter. That is why for you who live in tropical area, it is not recommended to plant Bellflower Campanula. To get the best growth of the flowers it is important for you to make sure that the soil is well drained and the area get such light. Of course, if you do it, you can find such an amazing purple flowers garden.

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