Monitor Asus ROG Swift Performance

By | September 9, 2017

Monitor Asus ROG SwiftWhen it comes to gaming monitor, a high-quality monitor which is designed for gaming need will always be an ideal choice for us. Monitor Asus ROG Swift is one of the best choices that you can take into account. There is no doubt that this monitor will help you to experience such real and high quality visual which you always dream about before. You do not need to worry about the specs. It is surely a dependable one. If you want to learn further about the performance, you can read the information as follow.

Monitor Asus ROG Swift Performance

When it comes to the performance, it must be mentioned that the monitor offers you high performance that you always need a monitor. It gives you a high resolution as well. For this 27″ monitor, you can get 2560 x 1440 pixels of resolution. More interestingly, the monitor Asus ROG Swift also offers you quick refresh rate and response time thanks to the specification that is offered. In this case, it is able to offer you 144Hz of refresh rate and 1ms of response time. Then, we should not forget that there is NVIDIA G-Sync technology that is applied to this monitor.

Moreover, it is also good information that you need to know. It has Asus Eye care technology which will not make your eyes feel fatigued easily once you are in front of the monitor even for such long time. It is also designed with ergonomically stand with pivot, tilt, pivot as well as height adjustment which makes it possible for you to adjust it as you like. The last but not least, we should know that the monitor displays perfect image with high-quality output that will make it feels wonderful to play the game with. That’s what we can talk about monitor Asus ROG Swift performance.

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