How to Do the Right Jogging

By | August 31, 2017

Health lifeRunning is one activity of human being which can be considered as sports. Sports is good for health, especially for the heart. That is why, a human usually do jogging every day, every morning, or every afternoon to keep the body healthy. But, they ignore the steps and the right way to do it. So here will be discussed on how to do the right jogging.

Several Tips That Matter When You Do Jogging

One of the activities of a fun sport is jogging. Jogging is now a sport that is quite popular among teenager and adults. This is because jogging feels good and does not cost too much. For those of you who like to do jogging, Here are some tips to do the best jogging:

  1. Use good jogging shoes

Sometimes, there are factors that can inhibit someone to exercise such as jogging one of them is a shoe. It is recommended to use good sports shoes and comfortable so it can reduce the risk of foot injury.

  1. Adjust running speed

Faithful people vary in terms of running speed, either because of age, weight, and other factors. As for the beginner jogging, you should adjust the speed of running in accordance with the ability. Do not force to run fast, start with jogging to feel good while doing jogging. Because the speed of a fast run for a beginner will only make the breath become breathless and tired quickly

  1. Jogging with running techniques

In addition to running small/light, do jogging techniques running and running began. This is because when jogging is done only running then that there will be heavy, and muscle quickly becomes tense. Therefore, running and walking will make the body and muscles rest for a moment while gathering energy back to continue jogging.

  1. True breathing tricks

In jogging, without feeling, we will do breathing through the nose as usual. It is not wrong or not justified. However, breathing with the nose during jogging will make us tired quickly. Nasal breathing will make the incoming and inhaled oxygen insufficient to supply muscle performance as we run. Then the recommended breathing is to use the nose and mouth, which is inhaled through the nose and remove with the mouth. This type of breathing will minimize abdominal pain when running.

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