Grand Theft Auto General Guides

By | December 4, 2017

gta sa liteDo you like to play the GTA San Andreas? If you have just downloaded the game and do not know what you need to do, it is always better to check the general guides and tips to play the game before playing it. Playing this game can be very exciting when you love to do the missions. However, if you cannot pass the missions, it may make you mad. That’s why you need to learn some of the guides and tips to improve your ability on playing the game.

General Guides To Play GTA San Andreas

Let’s begin with the general tips about the game. There are actually some things that are recommended to do before playing the game. First of all, you must come to the Police Station and also hospital to learn about the info blocks so that you do not need to wait for the info when you fail in your mission. Second, before playing GTA San Andreas, it is also recommended for you to check for any free body armor. Nevertheless, you should not bring any spray can and also a weapon with you when you come to the police station because you may get wanted level when doing so.

Furthermore, it is also recommended for playing the game to complete the mission of ambulance so that you can have money early in the game. It is very easy and you can also get high profit from the mission. Then, it is also a nice idea to learn about the way to lose your wanted level when you have one. If you only have one-star, you can simply drive around until you lose the wanted level. However, if you have had two or more than two starts, you need to go to the safe point. For more tips and tricks about the game, check on

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