Frozen Fish Or Fresh Fish?

By | January 12, 2018

Do you need to supply your restaurant with fish and seafood? As the best recommendation, you can get fish and seafood from frozen fish exporters. Actually, there are two types of fish that are offered by suppliers which are frozen and fresh fish. Both of them are recommended for your restaurant. However, there are also some pro and contra for fresh and frozen fish. If you already get a supplier, so you have to decide which kind of fish that must be supplied. Frozen or fresh?

Pro And Contra Of Frozen And Fresh Fish From Frozen Fish Exporters

As the best recommendation, you can buy fresh or frozen fish from frozen fish exporters. However, you have also know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each product that you buy for restaurant’s supply. For the first, you can choose the fresh fish. Most people prefer to buy fresh fish since it will make better food. Then, you will not thaw it first before cooking it if you buy the fresh one. In contrast, the fresh fish only can be found in some season. So, it must be difficult when it is not the season of fishing. Moreover, it will also take much time to purchase it every day for fresh fish.

For the second, buy the frozen fish is not a bad one. Frozen does not mean unhealthy. As long as you choose the best quality one, the frozen fish can be the healthy food. Moreover, you can prepare your menu with frozen fish anytime since it will not go bad quickly. Then, you can also easily buy it from the digital market that will not take too much time. In contrast, you need much time for thawing before cooking it. If you buy it from credible frozen fish exporters, there will be no such problem.