Have Enough Sleep To Keep The Body Healthy And Fresh

By | February 8, 2018

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise and choosing healthy foods, but also applying all the habits that make life more qualified, for example, sleep. In addition to sleeping with sufficient time, the habit of going to bed can also affect health.

Things To Do Before You Sleep

What are some healthy, workable habits before sleep? Here’s the review.

  1. Exercise

According to research, sweating after exercising a few hours before bed can help you sleep better quality. If the quality of sleep improves, you will face the morning passionately and productively.

  1. Bath

After daily outdoor activities, you better take a shower before bed. Some people feel tired will go straight to sleep without bathing. In fact, many germs and dust that attach to the body that could be a source of disease. With a bath before bed, there is a relaxing effect in your body that also smoothen blood circulation.

  1. Brush Teeth

Before bed, make sure you have brushed your teeth. If you do not brush your teeth, germs that nest in the mouth will spread the bacteria that cause plaque on teeth, bad breath, and breathing that is not fresh.

  1. Drinking Water

Healthy habits before bed the simplest is to drink water before bed. Water can keep skin moist. When sleeping, our bodies need plenty of fluids. Therefore, to avoid dehydration, drink at least one glass of normal temperature water before bed.

  1. No Gadgets

Putting a mobile phone under the pillow is not recommended because the dangers of gadget radiation can affect health. Instead, keep the gadget in the closet or in other places that are not adjacent to the bed.

Those are some of the healthful activities you need to do before you go to bed so that you have a good sleep quality that will wake up more refreshed tomorrow and more spirit in your day.