Easy Tips On Using A Good Soft Lens

By | March 9, 2018

The use of soft lenses that have spread among the community, especially for teens make the main function of a soft lens as a tool to help eyesight. Because most teenagers use soft lenses only for appearance alone without being based on health. Many negative things that happen to users of this product, there are irritated eyes and so forth. These things can happen if we use this product is not in accordance with the rules made. Therefore, here we will discuss various ways of wearing a lens with a good fit with the rules. Here’s the explanation.

Tips On Telling And Easy To Use Soft Lens Are Good And Correct

As for some tips that we need to indicate when using soft lens well to avoid the various negative things, is as follows:

  1. Perform an eye exam. Before we decide to switch from glasses to the soft lens it would be better if we first consult the eye doctor, because not all eyes cock if using softens.
  2. When we want to use this product, make sure that the hand we use to install must be completely clean, because if something is dirty we can cause eye irritation.
  3.  Take the soft lens directly from the place and then put on the end of the hand to be directly paired with the eyes, do not be delayed so as not to get hit any of it.
  4. Use one hand to hold the soft lens and one hand again to hold the top of the eyelid
  5. At the time of installation look at the top and then softens directed to the eyes, do it with great care and smooth
  6.  Note the limits of the use of the soft lens, where the soft lens has a maximum limit of 8 hours, after that, we need to remove it, so as not exposed to excessive irritation.

That’s some of the things related to the way and also the surefire tips to use soft lens well in accordance with those described in Softlensqueen. Maybe useful!