Custom T-Shirt Design Guides

By | August 23, 2017

custom t-shirtDesigning our own t-shirt must be fun. That’s why many people tend to search for a custom t-shirt instead of buying those on the market. It is not only fun activity. When we get the result, later on, we do not need to worry that our friends may have the same t-shirt as we do. Since it is personalized, as long as you make only one for yourself, there will be no one that has that same item. To help you design the t-shirt, here are some guides that you can follow.

Guide To Design Your Custom T-Shirt

To make a design for your personalized t-shirt, you need to plan it first. At this point, you have to determine what kind of t-shirt that is going to be portrayed on the t-shirt. Maybe you can use your favorite rock band, your favorite animal or you advertise your own company on the t-shirt. In this case, your purpose to make custom t-shirt can decide the design. For example, if you aim to make the t-shirt as a gift for graduation, you can plan to make a word to congratulate your friend on their graduation day. For a simple design, you can consider about using a photo as the t-shirt design.

Furthermore, it is also necessary for you to determine a color scheme. When choosing a color scheme, you need to take the t-shirt’s color into account. It is recommended to use a color that contrasts to the t-shirt. If you use a lighter shirt, for example, you can use vibrant color instead of pastel color like light blue, pink or yellow. Once you are ready with the idea, you can start making the digital picture of the design on your favorite app. While making the digital image, you can also think about the design placement on your custom t-shirt later on.

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