How To Catch Skipjack Tuna?

By | January 11, 2018

Canned tuna is expensive since skipjack tuna price is also expensive for the past few months. Skipjack tuna is the common ingredient for canned tuna that we eat. This tuna can be found in warm waters all over the world. You can also found them on the surface when they feeding in large schools. The meat of skipjack tuna is very bloody so some people may can’t eat them raw. However, some people find the bloody and fishy tasting is good so they can eat it raw. If you want to target skipjack tuna, it can be caught quite easy. How to catch skipjack tuna?

Skipjack Tuna Price And Technique

Since skipjack tuna price is expensive, it’s better to catch them on your own. Either it’s for fun or for food, you need a very strong energy to catch since they are very strong just like other tunas. But since they live in open water, it will make them easier to catch. You need to be patient enough to catch skipjack tuna. If you want to get them quickly, you need the heaviest tackle as the bite.

Most fishers catch skipjack tuna by only trolling. You can also follow this method, but if you want to use another method, you can try to lure them if their position is close to your boat. Once you know their location, you can throw small plastic skirts through the schools. This is the best way to catch skipjack tuna. It takes several attempts to catch them so you need to experiment with what color and size until you find the formula that works. In some cases, they will eat the small baitfish and ignore yours. Sometimes they just hit anything that you throw at them. If you want to know the newest skipjack tuna price, you can check the reliable website.