Best Vlogging Camera Using DSLR

By | October 4, 2017

Best vlogging cameraSometimes, you wonder whether you can make a superb video blog. Some people actually use DSLR for this purpose because we all know that DSLR is capable of creating stunning images. However, DSLR is also really an excellent replacement of video recorder because it is extremely versatile. You can imagine that the DSLR is capable of producing great image and video, and it is why people are starting to utilize it for making videos. Indeed, DSLR is sometimes not good enough for making video considering its slow frame rate. Thus, it may not be the best vlogging camera at all.

Features of DSLR as the Best Vlogging Camera

One of the best features that we like from DSLR for vlogging is absolutely the option to choose a lens. DSLR lenses are really great for evoking emotion and for conveying stories. As vlogger needs to have a proper story to be told, using the specific lens for doing the job will absolutely great privilege that you cannot deny. Additionally, DSLR as the best vlogging camera also has durable battery capacity. That is to say, you can vlog for a day without worrying too much. Indeed, there is always a limit. However, generally, DSLR survives longer than others.

Next feature that makes DSLR worth to be used as vlogging is great for capturing moments in both still image and video. This is super ideal if you use the camera for vlogging your journey in some places. Even though DSLR can be considered as best vlogging camera, it has some weaknesses. It is heavy, pricey, and bulky. Some people love the sneaky vlogging cameras because they are simpler. However, you should make sure you are choosing the right product. DSLR basically offers more flexibility and features that are not related to vlogging, but it may not be too convenient for some people.

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