2019 Camaro Lineup And Release Date

By | January 28, 2018

Chevrolet is rumored to roll out its first prototype for the new generation of its sports car Camaro. Although the news about 2019 Camaro release date has been around the marketplace from last year, there is no sign that the company will soon release the official detail of this new car. However, at least we have known when we are able to see this car to the public.

Camaro Lineups For The New 2019 Model

As we know, the Chevy Camaro comes with various lineups that we must learn before we buy the car. For the new model in 2019 season, there are several lineups that we can look forward to. In this case, there will be SS, SS Convertible and 1LT in the lineup. In addition, there is ZL1 as well which is new in the lineup. Unfortunately, the final appearance of these lineups cannot be seen properly since it is still in camouflage.

If you are wondering about the 2019 Camaro release date, it is potential that the new car will be announced together with the event of Detroit Auto Show which we can see soon. It means that we do not need to wait for the car for so long when we want to know how it looks like exactly in the marketplace later on. As promised, it will come with the improvement that we need.

Talking about the improvement, there are some possible changes that you may like to know. For instance, on the engine side, you may expect for an engine with higher horsepower on the lineup. Then, alongside with the power, the speed is also improved for your enhanced driving experience. Now, we can just need to wait for the 2019 Camaro release date to break all of the rumors that may be right and may be wrong.